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How to implement an effective ‘daily safety check program’ for your equipment?

One of the first steps to a safer working environment is to provide safe equipment for your employees to use. In addition to a good preventative maintenance program you need to implement a good daily inspection program to ensure that safety. To consistently deliver a well-constructed inspection program, it is important to have a documented […]

Can you afford to ignore Lift Truck Safety?

Most government agencies (OSHA included) will tell you that forklift safety is everyone’s responsibility. The reality is that employers carry the majority of the responsibility for providing a safe work environment, ensuring that the operators have proper training, proper equipment and safe procedures. While it may be tempting to see vehicle operators as responsible for […]

Common Bad Habits of Forklift Operators

You should never ignore a forklift operator engaging in unsafe practices or exhibiting bad habits. These behaviors not only put the users at risk but also jeopardize the safety of others. Monitoring their actions goes a long way toward ensuring workplace safety. Fortunately, with advancements in technology, forklift monitoring systems are now available to help […]

Are Forklifts Dangerous?

If Forklifts Are So Dangerous…Why Do We Still Use Them? Are forklifts dangerous? Any forklift operator should have the answer to this question. When you examine the numbers associated with forklift safety, you quickly realize just how dangerous they can be. Consider that every year in North America… Even with these important forklift safety considerations, […]

The top 5 most compelling reasons your company should follow OSHA’s guideline for daily safety checks.

If you are a business owner or manager who uses powered industrial trucks in your operations, you may be wondering why you should bother following OSHA guideline 1910.178(q)(7). After all, it seems like a hassle to remove equipment from service when they need repairs and to keep records of the maintenance and repairs performed. Well, […]