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Start-Manager Access Control

Always Control Exactly Who has Access to Your Equipment

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Start-Manager OSHA checklist

Ensures that Safety Checks are Completed for Every Shift

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Start-Manager Features

Always have control over who has access to your equipment.....

Start-Manager allows you to control who has access to your equipment in two ways:

1) Unique 4-digit key code: Using the heavy-duty stainless steel keypad you can allow access to your equipment with a programmable 4-digit code. The Start-Manager system has storage for over 250 unique codes.

2) 125 kHz Proximity Cards and Key Fobs: You can utilize your existing building access cards or fobs. The Start-Manager system can work with both HID H10301 and EM4100/4001 compatible cards.  This system has storage for over 100 unique proximity card numbers.

Start-Manager SM301
Start-Manager OSHA Safety Check

Making your Daily Safety Checks easy...

OSHA requires that all forklifts, material handling equipment and machinery have a safety check performed at the start of each shift  – regulation 1910.178(q)(7).

Are you completing a safety check for every shift?
How are you managing exceptions (failed items)?
Where are your records?

The Start-Manager system makes it easy because it ensures that you are performing a proper safety check at the start of each shift. You set up the number of shifts per day, and the start of the first shift, and Start-Manager does the rest.

  • Vehicle will not start until safety check is completed
  •  After a failed safety, you can chose whether or not the vehicle can start or simply record the information
  • Information can be easily retrieved via your existing WiFi network
  • Focus only on the exceptions not the paper work
  • Information collected: Vehicle number, current vehicle hours, operator number, time safety was started, time safety was completed, all failed questions. 
Start-Manager web portal, manage equipment, operators, vehicles

Start-Manager Web Portal

Securely connect all of your all of your SM301 devices to our intuitive web portal via Wi-Fi

With the Start-Manager system, managing your material handling equipment has never been easier. 

  • Easily manage your fleet with our intuitive dashboard that gives you all the information you need at a glance; last update, connectivity status, last report sent, last firmware update, etc.
  • Manage your daily OSHA safety checks: customize one of 8 pre-set categories or create your checklist from scratch. Assign custom lists to any vehicle remotely. Collect your reports automatically.
  • Manage your equipment: add/subtract equipment individually or in bulk. Check connectivity status & receive automatic firmware updates.
  • Manage your operators: add/subtract operators individually or in bulk. Assign to vehicles individually or in bulk.
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